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About Us

The Mount Union Borough Police Department is responsible for the safety and protection of The Borough of Mount Union, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, 17066.  Our primary mission is service to the public.  We are a full-time police department staffed by full-time and part-time police officers who are committed to the safety, protection, and security of the residents, visitors, and businesses of the Borough.  The Police Department patrols the incorporated areas of the Borough of Mount Union consists of approximately one and one half square miles located in Central Pennsylvania on the border between Huntingdon and Mifflin Counties, along the banks of the picturesque Juniata River.  As of the census of 2000, there were 2,504 people, 1,166 households, and 684 families residing in the borough which the police department serves.


The Department is also fortunate to have several specialized units, and a SCUBA team that is responsible for evidence recovery from underwater.

The officers of the Mount Union Borough Police Department are trained, professional individuals who strive to provide a better quality of life to the residents of Mount Union Borough.

Our officers are highly skilled and trained in many aspects of police work, including but not limited to:  Criminal and Traffic Investigations, Narcotics Investigations, Handling Citizen Complaints, Crime Reduction, Neighborhood Patrol, and enforcement of the Criminal and Traffic Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as the local ordinances of the Borough of Mount Union.

Remember that there is a person in that uniform... please feel free to approach any of our officers and discuss any problem you may need assistance with... or, just say a friendly "hello".


Corporal Robert K. Lippmann

Police Officer David Buseck

Police Officer Justin Inch

Police Officer Corey Stuller

Police Officer Eric Burnett



Equipment and Vehicles


  • Mount Union Police Department Deploys Tasers - July 9, 2009


The Mount Union Police Department recently purchased Taser X-26 Electronic Control Devices (ECDs).  The Taser is another "tool" in the Law Enforcement Officer's "Toolbox" that will allow officers to safely control situations.

Taser X-26


  • Unit 601:  2009 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


This is the department's primary patrol car that was placed in service in late May, 2009.  The vehicle is equipped with LED emergency lighting, and a specially designed rear passenger seat that improves officer safety during the transport of prisoners. 

Unit 601


  • Unit 602: 2004 Ford Explorer

  • Used primarily for prisoner transports and during periods of inclement weather, the department's 4-wheel drive vehicle serves many purposes including incident support and as a back-up vehicle when needed.

Unit 602


  • Unit 603: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Unit 603