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New Sign Installed

The Mount Union Police Department thanks our friends at Fatal Designz Graphics for helping us design and create the signs and stickers seen throughout our building at 28 West Market Street.


We also thank our friends at PennDOT for helping us with some welding and a bucket truck to put up our new outdoor sign.  Thank you!

November 20, 2012:


The Mount Union Police Department recommends saving a contact in your cell phone under "I.C.E." or "ICE", which first responders, police officers, hospitals and the like can then use to contact family in case of an emergency.  If you would like to store more than one person, they can be stored under "ICE1", "ICE2", and so on.


PennDOT recently launched a method to store that information with your driver's license, that Police Officers will be able to access by running your driver's license information and following a few extra steps necessary to retrieve the information.  If you would like to add your emergency contact information, you can do so by clicking on and following the links to online driver's services and then Add Emergency Contact Information.